Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Can water float on water

Time RequiredVery Short (≤ 1 day)
Material AvailabilityReadily available
CostLow ($20 - $50)
SafetyNo issues


Of course it can, you say: ice is water and ice floats! And you're right. But we're talking about water in the liquid phase (the title reads better without getting overly specific). So how about it? Can liquid water float on water? Check out this project to find out.


The goal of this project is to investigate what happens to layers of water with different densities. You will investigate density differences caused by both temperature and salinity.


Andrew Olson, Ph.D. and Sandra Slutz, Ph.D., Science Buddies


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Last edit date: 2013-02-22


The hypothesis of my project is that, if the waters are of different density, then, the water with the lesser density would float on top of the water with lower density.

Independent Variable

The independent variable is water of different density.

Dependent Variable

The dependant variable is whether water of different density can float on each other.

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