Monday, July 1, 2013

Selected Project-Arjun

Suck It Up: Capillary Action of Water in Plants

Time RequiredShort (2-5 days)
Material AvailabilityReadily available
CostVery Low (under $20)
SafetyAdult assistance required to cut flower stems.
If child is allergic to food dye, then adult assistance is required to add and mix the dye.


Have you ever heard someone say, "that plant is thirsty" or "give that plant a drink of water"? We know that plants, and even bouquets of cut flowers, need water to survive, but have you ever thought about how the water moves within the plant? In this science project, you will use colored water and carnations to figure out where the water goes.


Use food dyes to follow the path of water through a carnation.


Sandra Slutz, PhD, Science Buddies

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